Halloween might be fun for humans, but for pets, it can be downright dangerous. How can you keep your furry friend out of harm’s way?

• Keep your candy supply away from curious paws. Chocolate is delicious for us, but it’s toxic to dogs. Should he eat anything, call your vet or the local emergency clinic immediately.
• Use reflective gear while trick-or-treating. This makes it easier for drivers to see you and your dog, even if you plan to stay on the sidewalk. A reflective collar and leash work wonders.
• Don’t leave him alone if he is wearing a costume. Should he try to escape from the costume, he could get caught up in ribbons or strings. He could suffocate or suffer serious physical damage.
• Make sure his costume is comfortable. You should never put a tight or restrictive costume on your pet, no matter how cute or personality-appropriate it might be. He needs to have freedom of movement. If purchasing the costume, check the sizing (small, extra small, and so on) and read the given measurements on the label to ensure you get the best fit. When in doubt, look for something else at the store or make a costume yourself. A Google search will give you tons of options and patterns, some of which involve no sewing.
• Use caution with decorations. Stay away from objects with small or potentially toxic pieces that your dog could choke on and be sure to only place them on high surfaces.
• If staying home, create a safe place for your dog. Do loud noises or energetic children scare your dog? Do you think he might try to escape whenever you open the front door? An enclosed space away from the chaos should help him feel secure.
• Don’t leave him out in the yard. Halloween troublemakers could throw things at your pet (or worse).