The DOGGIE DON’T DEVICE is a REVOLUTIONARY, HUMANEHAND HELD training tool that is based on proven AUDIBLE Sound Aversion. The DOGGIE DON’T makes a distinctive CRACKLING SOUND that both you and your dog can hear. The sound gets your dogs attention and enables you to CALMLY say your command so that you can eventually, permanently correct the unwanted behavior.

Tips on effective ways to use the Doggie Don’t Device.

  • The DOGGIE DON’T DEVICE has one button that you use with your thumb to trigger the sound and you should always be a couple of feet away from your dog when doing so.
  • The DOGGIE DON’T is also very effective if you muffle the sound by covering the device with your shirt.
  • You may also capture your dog’s attention by using the device from another room.
  • After activating the device, it is important to always use your command, be consistent and reward your dog for good behavior.
  • The DOGGIE DON’T DEVICE is a tool, not a crutch, to safely and quickly help you retrain your dog and correct unwanted behaviors with a click of a button.

Other great uses for the Doggie Don’t Device.

  • It’s always a good idea to carry the DOGGIE DON’T DEVICE along with you when you are out on walks with your dog. It can protect your dog from other dogs that are reactive or aggressive.
  • The DOGGIE DON’T DEVICE is also very successful in keeping away other animals you may encounter on your walks such as raccoons or coyotes.
  • If your own dog is reactive, using the device to keep other dogs at bay is great way to keep your dog out of trouble.
  • Using the DOGGIE DON’T DEVICE is a very effective way to break up a dog fight or scuffle at a dog park or pet friendly restaurant.
  • Another great way to use the DOGGIE DON’T DEVICE is when hiking, jogging and bicycling to deter reactive dogs or other animals that try to approach you.

Doggie Do be prepared for the unexpected and DOGGIE DON’T leave home without it.