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Doggies Name: Daxx

I'm not sure why this device works but it does. Our dog trainer used the device when our 3 month old puppy would bark or whine in his crate.As our puppy grew (now nine months old) we forgot we had the DoggieDon't. Lately our puppy has been whining and barking for attention when we have him out of his crate. We've been yelling "no bark" until we're blue! I just remembered we have the DoggieDon't, used it once and had a completely peaceful evening! Again, I don't know how it works (because it isn't that loud or irritating) but it does.Now I just read that it can be used to deter jumping up (on people) - that will be our next project!

by Lisa Taron (The Pet Blog Lady) on The Doggie Don't Device
Doggies Name: Sunny & Suds

I sent my brother Dave the DOGGIE DON'T to try on his two dogs who he rescued a few months ago. They both get really excited when he comes home from work (or anywhere for that matter) and Sunny especially loves to try to jump up on him. In only took a couple of days of using the device to stop Sunny from jumping and now he merely shows it and Sunny won't jump. My brother is VERY pleased with the result!

The Doggie Don't is an effective tool for me to have as an option in my training programs. Paired with training, It effectively corrects unwanted behaviors. An excellent tool for any trainer or dog owner!

Hi Michelle,

Thank you so much for taking the time to review us- much appreciated,

by Lori Minz on The Doggie Don't Device
Doggies Name: Bella

This product is amazing!!! My Jack Russell would go crazy barking when a dog went past the house. Two uses of your device and she was totally cured of that bad habit. I especially love the fact that she doesn't get hurt in any way. Your invention is wonderful. Thank you.

by April from Surrey, BC Canada on The Doggie Don't Device
Doggies Name: Sophie

This product arrived quickly and in perfect condition due to the excellent packaging. I was anxious to try it on my small Papillon, Sophie. Unfortunately, I didn't have the desired result to stop her barking, but I can certainly see how this device could work amazingly well on most dogs. Sadly I am one of the 10% that doesn't share in this success. Please don't let my experience deter your purchase in any way. Sarah Beck will make sure that you are completely satisfied as she is committed to this product as being effective safe for all pets. I really liked the idea that nothing touches the dog and it is just a sharp noise to distract them from their behaviour and get them out of the zone. Thank you Sarah - for your invention and for your excellent customer care! Cheers, April

Doggies Name: Shadow

My 2 year old German Shepherd Shadow would be extremely vocal in the car. She would bark non-stop from the time I left the house until I reached my destination! It was very stressful, and I actually had to wear earplugs! I found the Doggie Don't device on the Internet and thought, what do I have to lose?? It worked!! I am soooo grateful for this device. It worked right away. Now, I may have to use it once or twice, but she doesn't bark at the top of her lungs anymore. I don't need to wear the earplugs anymore either! Five stars!!!

Doggies Name: Trixie

This device works!!! It took me just 48 hours to stop the behavior that needed to be fixed. I volunteer at a well known rescue here in Southern California ... and I heartily recommend Doggie Don't for humane and effective training. Thumbs up!

by Lynsie Pfleegor on The Doggie Don't Device
Doggies Name: Duchess

I recentl got my doggie don't to help with my Doberman Duchess with her barking at the front door. It worked so well I am using it on a four of my dogs and boy does it get their attention. WE ABOSOLUTELY LOVE IT! Recommended it to several friends...

Thank you so much for your review Lynn. We are very happy to hear how well it is working for you! 🙂

by Tina VaLant on The Doggie Don't Device
Doggies Name: Sebastian

Hello. I have been involved with rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming dogs for the past 30+ years. My breed is the Australian shepherd. Serving as a photographer, networker and well-known dog lover has enabled me to assist dogs of every breed, mix, and age.In February of 2015, a yorkie was surrendered to me to be rehomed. At eight pounds, seven years old and extremely adorable, I thought his placement would be "a walk in the park". A seasoned dog person, I have never experienced the behaviors of this yorkie. Within the first 24 hours, my husband dubbed him the "Yorkshire terror". Sebastian did not like other dogs, or any type of correction. Being an only pet, he was used to calling all the shots (like not allowing my husband to sleep with us). Having been treated like a baby, he was used to getting his way---ALL THE TIME (or he would growl, lunge, bark, or nip). Sebastian went on eight meet and greets....none of them ended well. I was going to be stuck with this Tasmanian devil. We worked a lot on positive training. As his confidence increased, his fear of calm dogs subsided. But one thing didn't change.....his ability to turn into "Cujo" when corrected.Enter Doggie Don't. We have been using the device for over two weeks now. There is a HUGE change. Seb no longer "back talks" (growls or nips when corrected). Roger (dog I rescued who lives next door) has been over (inside our house) three times this week!!! Sebastian never allowed him to come inside, before. I just hold the Doggie Don't and Sebastian knows he won't be hurt, touched, yelled at---but he needs to BEHAVE like the good boy that he is (or there will be a simple clicking sound and light directed at him). It does not affect my three aussies, or other dogs around us. Doggie Don't is a humane device that has already accomplished so much for this yorkie and his family in a very short amount of time. Thank you so much 🙂 The Yorkshire terror & family

by Homestyle Dog Care on The Doggie Don't Device

We have been testing out this device here and can say it does work. We are a busy boarding facility and by using Doggie Dont we have curbed excessive barking and unwanted behavior. The noise gets their attention and the dogs are associating it with the unwanted behavior. It is a safe and humane way to teach dogs. Very happy with it and have recommended to many of my clients

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