Non-shocking, easy, and safe.
You and all other animals can hear The Doggie Don’t Device®



The DOGGIE DON’T® Device

The DOGGIE DON’T® Device is a HAND HELD, AUDIBLE tool that will assist you in correcting unwanted behaviors such as BARKING, JUMPING UP, and LEASH AGGRESSION. The Device is based on proven AUDIBLE, Sound Aversion. The DOGGIE DON’T® Device makes a distinctive CRACKLING SOUND that both you and your dog can hear. The sound gets your dogs attention. Eventually, you should be able to say your commands and not need to use your device. Be consistent to change behaviors. Say your command, use your device properly and reward your dog for good behavior to transform your dog into a well-behaved and socialized pup.

device w hand

Our goal is for you to have a well-behaved, abundantly loved dog that is socialized and not a nuisance.

  • Safely and quickly helps you retrain your dog and corrects unwanted behaviors with the click of a button.
  • DOGGIE DON’T® Device is easy and convenient. It comes with a wrist strap and is small enough to carry in your purse or pocket.
  • The device has one button to activate the sound.
  • The key is to use your device consistently with a firm voice and a pre-chosen command.
  • The device is a tool not a crutch. The DOGGIE DON’T® Device was created to assist you in correcting unwanted behaviors and breaking your dog’s intense focus so that eventually your dog will respond to just your commands. YOU MUST USE YOUR COMMANDS IN CONJUNCTION WITH THE DOGGIE DON’T DEVICE AND POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT.
  • The DOGGIE DON’T® Device is not intended to be a punishment.  It is intended to be a distraction from unwanted behavior so that you can reward your dog for good behavior.
  • The DOGGIE DON’T® Device can also be used by joggers and bicyclists and hikers to deter or repel barking dogs and other animals that they may encounter.
  • The DOGGIE DON’T® Device is also a great tool for you to carry on walks or while hiking. The Doggie Don’t Device will help to deter off leash dogs, raccoons and coyotes away from you and keep your furry friend safe.
  • The DOGGIE DON’T® Device is also a wonderful tool to use if you have a reactive dog to keep other dogs away so that your reactive dog does not get into trouble.