• Pick your command(s) make sure it is something
    that you can remember and make it specific to one
  • For example: If your dog jumps up on people, if your
    dog is barking at people or at other dogs while you
    are out on a walk.
  • If your dog jumps up, say “OFF” or “HUSH” or “NO
    BARKING”. If your dog continues to jump up trigger
    your Doggie Don’t’ and say your command again.
  • Once your dog stops jumping up reward him with
    your words. Never raise your voice.
  • You want your Dog to react to the sound and vibration
    from your device and not be startled by your
    voice. This is the key component for your Dog’s
    behavior to change.
  •  You must always be calm, loving and consistent
    with your command, voice and tone of voice. If you
    follow these steps your dog will quickly stop the
    unwanted behavior.


User Safety Information:
Keep away from flammable materials
Never store near hot objects, in direct sunlight, or at a temperature above 140° F
This device is not water-resistant. Keep away from water, rain, etc. If any liquid or foreign
object has entered the unit, do not use, consult your authorized dealer.
Do not touch the internal parts. These are high tension circuits that may cause severe
electric shock.
Do not open, disassemble or modify this device, as it may cause damage to the unit. For
internal repairs, consult your authorized dealer.

How to Put Batteries in your DOGGIE DON’T Device