Research shows that about half of all dog owners make a New Year’s resolution for their canine bestie.

  1. Sign up for pet insurance – Pet insurance options are becoming better and easier than ever to purchase. This is a great way to budget for the upcoming year by providing the best healthcare for your dog, while saving money on veterinary expenses.
  2. Exercise – Spend more time exploring the world and make a resolution to walk your dog daily. Exercise is crucial in maintaining your pets weight and doing it together is a great way to bond.
  3. Feed a Healthier Diet and Treats – Obesity is a real epidemic in dogs and is the cause of  many potentially long term health issues. Overfeeding of treats can contribute a large amount to total calorie intake. Pet experts recommend that treats should not exceed ten percent of a dogs daily diet. Try some homemade treats or healthy snacks like carrots and apples. Don’t give table scraps, buy a good quality dog food, and measure portions.
  4.  Attend Training Classes – Your dog doesn’t have to be rambunctious to attend training classes. They love challenges and training classes are a great way to keep their minds stimulated. Your dog will have a great time learning and bonding with you. Training experts even recommend a refresher course every couple of years.
  5. Spend more quality time with your dog More quality time will enrich their environment and life, so go on more adventures with your dog. It can be as simple as a car ride, a visit to a pet store or a walk on the beach. Whatever you do make more time to cuddle, play and bond.