As an instructor who teaches scent detection classes for adults who want to teach their dogs a new skill, I wanted to offer something that children could also do to have fun with their dog.

Not only are these games fun, but this can help to build a stronger bond between your child and their dog.

Before you start, pick a command like “find it”, “search” or “seek”. Once you have a command you like, always use that same command for your dog.

Be sure to keep the games fun by always ending play after a successful search.  I would recommend not searching more than three different times. You always want to end the game before your dog gets tired of playing. This way, he will be eager to play again.

While you play with your dog, they will be getting a lot of treats.  Be sure the pieces are very small, the size of dog kibble. You can use your dog’s regular food if you want.

Here’s your first game…



  1. “Which Hand?” Game