Many dogs like their space and do not like to be approached by strangers. There are a slew of different reasons why some dogs have a fear and do not react well to strangers.  A shy or timid dog may be genetically predisposed. There might be a history of abuse or just a lack of proper socialization. Most people think that if your dog is out in public then it is okay to pet them, but not every dog is a social butterfly and some can feel very uncomfortable when touched or even approached by strangers.  It’s up to you to let someone know whether it’s okay and safe to pet or approach your dog.

So how do you tell people it’s not okay to pet your dog? Speak up. You can be direct and say exactly what you want without sounding rude.

The following are some examples:

  1. He is Shy.
  2. He is not feeling well.
  3. We are working on training him/her.
  4. No, please don’t touch.
  5. My dog is sensitive.
  6. My dog doesn’t like unwanted touch.
  7. My dog is reactive.
  8. My dog is scared of strangers.
  9. My dog does not like children

A leashed dog can feel even more threatened when he is approached by another dog or person because he may feel trapped. Many times their owners will tighten up on their leash trying to keep control of the situation, causing the dog to feel even more stressed. Pet owners may try to get their dog to stop, sit or lie down in the path of another approaching leashed dog. Dogs will instinctively sense their owners nervous tension and this can further increase the anxiety in your dog. When a dog feels scared and threatened that is when he is more likely to bite. It’s important for you to control the situation with a calm and confident energy and if need be turn around and walk away in the opposite direction. We at Doggie Don’t like to carry treats with us on walks. This way, when our dog is in a situation that he is not comfortable with  a treat can change the dynamic from a negative experience into a positive experience.

The Doggie Don’t Device is a great tool to carry along with you on walks if you have a reactive dog or if you are worried about an off leash dog approaching you. The Doggie Don’t Device will keep off leash dogs away so your dog will not get into trouble. You know your dog better than anyone. Keeping him calmer and happier out in public will only help strengthen your bond. So go ahead, speak up and tell that stranger not to pet your pup!