What Technology or APP can you NOT live without?

My i-phone. Being able to check my sales, email my clients, use Square and generally keep in touch from anywhere in the world is invaluable. I would be chained to my desk without it.


Can you share your biggest business risk and what was your success and/or your fallback option?

My biggest risk was inventing my Doggie Don’t Device. I had no experience in this field whatsoever. I was just a person who loved dogs and had been involved in rescuing and fostering dogs. When I understood that so many dogs were surrendered do to behaviors that could be corrected and I was experiencing this myself with one of my own rescued dogs an idea came to me and I ran with it. I put my savings and my future on the line by following a hunch and having faith that the universe was guiding me.


Where have your best ideas come from?

A strong belief that you have to trust your gut. I also believe that if things fall into place they are meant to be. Most of my ideas and creations have come to me when I am meditating. This is why I do believe strongly that you have to quiet your mind to allow things to flow.


What advantages have you seen with social media or any emerging technology in your business?

I do not think my business would have been able to succeed without social media. My product is one that needs to be demonstrated and understood. Without social media I would have had to be a travelling salesman of sorts which would have been impossible. This also gives people the opportunity to know me, my heart and understand that my mission is to keep dogs out of shelters.


What do you do to stay grounded, centered and on-track?

I do yoga and I make time for myself to meditate and journal. My resolution for 2019 was balance. I had found myself getting out of balance as I was not taking time to just get quiet and re-group. This ended up in my being in a constant state of fight or flight.


How do you “sharpen your axe?” Meaning what sort of professional development do you practice to stay effective.

I am a podcast addict. I spend several hours a week doing restorative healing modalities that give me an opportunity to unplug my phone and feed my brain. I listen to business execs such as Tony Robbins and Oprah’s Master Class podcasts with people such as Barbara Walters and Shawn Achor. I find that a balance of business and spiritual is essential to be successful. Your company does have a soul.


What one trait of a leader do you think is your most valuable?

Successful people do what unsuccessful people are unwilling to do. You have to get uncomfortable. Whether that means putting your life savings on the line or public speaking…. you have to put in the effort and to the work.


Describe those who work with you and what they contribute to your success?

I am very blessed to have a team that I totally trust and whom I can rely on. My assistant is my friend of 20 plus years who has my back, my bookkeeper I have also known for 20 years, my graphic artist was with The Tampa Tribune and I have known her since I was in my teens. I can work on other projects as I know these three women have my best interest at heart and treat my company as if it were there own.