Adopting a dog is a life-changing, exciting experience, but it’s not enough to buy a leash and food bowl.
To make sure your puppy has the best life possible, he must be socialized early.

If you don’t socialize your dog properly, you will quickly run into these issues:

  1. Fear and anxiety. Meeting new people or tackling unfamiliar situations will prove to be stressful,
    affecting everyone.
  2. Lack of exercise. Because a poorly socialized dog usually develops fear and anxiety, you probably
    won’t take him to the dog park, for example, a vital tool for keeping him in shape. If he doesn’t
    get enough exercise, he is bound to develop health problems.
  3. Incomplete trips to the groomer or vet. If your dog is too upset to sit still or he lashes out,
    nothing will get done.

So, how do you socialize your dog?

  1.  Let him interact with people and other animals. Invite a friend or family member over (even if
    it’s only for a few minutes) and encourage them to pet and talk to your new little buddy. Ask
    them to bring their dog, too. Of course, take care not to overwhelm him or scare him –
    socializing must be a positive experience! Try to keep things calm and simple. Don’t invite a
  2. A well-socialized puppy should be able to deal with being touched and handled. Bathe him,
    touch his back, paws, and ears, etc. Do these things frequently. This will make things less
    difficult when the time comes to go to the groomer or vet. Your pet sitter will thank you, too.
  3. Introduce him to different noises, from the vacuum cleaner to the television. The less afraid he
    is, the smoother the daily routine will be for your family.