The inspiration for the GETGONE Device came following the success of the Doggie Don’t Device. While the purpose of The Doggie Don’t Device is to help you correct unwanted behavior in untrained dogs, the purpose of GETGONE is to protect you from a potentially harmful situation at a distance. Instead of having a close encounter with wild life, an off leash dog or any other unwanted advance, you can use our device to ward off from afar. Other protection devices such as pepper spray or mace can possibly blow back, which can be dangerous to both you and your dog. Our GETGONE Device is a do no harm product.

The difference between the two devices lies in the sound decibels, the look of the device and the intent of use. The Doggie Dont Device is 100 decibels, while the GETGONE is 120 decibels, which is sure to give off a stern warning to any possible attacker or wild animal. The GETGONE is a distance deterrent that can be used to scare off an attack and alert others nearby allowing you time to get away safely. It works very much like a car alarm by attracting attention and helping to prevent a crime or an attack with a very loud sound. The GETGONE is a handheld device that gives off the sound and look of a stun gun without any sort of actual harm and is a great way to maximize personal security. Unlike pepper spray or mace where you have to be 18 years or older to purchase or possess, The GETGONE is legal for anyone to carry. This makes the GETGONE the perfect protection device for teenagers or young adults on college campuses, someone leaving work at late hours, joggers, dog walkers, hikers, or any activity that may put someone in danger.

According to Runner’s World Magazine, after surveying 4,670 runners with more than half of them being women, they found that 58 percent of women under age 30 were in were in some way harassed while running. Taking safety precautions like carrying the GETGONE will help women runners in particular feel safer and stay confident.

Whether you are jogging, walking your dog, alone in a parking garage, or a college student heading back to your dorm room….protect yourself by being prepared with the GETGONE personal security device. It gives you a voice when you otherwise might not be heard.