What is Positive Dog Training?

Positive dog training is using rewards and positive reinforcement instead of punishment and corrections to train. Your dog is guided into following a command and when he complies his is rewarded with a favorite treat and or touch and positive words.

Can every dog be trained this way?

The following are some important factors to consider when deciding what methods and training styles work best for you.

  • Positive reinforcement is often misused and can lose value if your dog is always rewarded and praised for every little thing he does.
  • If you are adopting a shelter dog who has never been trained, with a history of bad behavior, it can be difficult to use positive only dog training. In this situation, a more balanced training method, using the Doggie Don’t Device along with positive reinforcement training and consistency can help you effectively, quickly, safely, and humanely correct your dogs unwanted  behaviors such as barking, jumping up, leash aggression and food stealing.
  • A dog’s breed, temperament, age, sensitivity, and environment can also make positive only reinforcement training more difficult.
  • Dogs can be easily distracted by things that are a lot more interesting than the reward you are offering him to comply with your command.
  • Positive only dog training can be confusing to some dogs because they may not getting enough information to fulfill a request.

All training requires patience and consistency. Knowing what motivates your dog and how to properly reinforce the good behavior is key to successful training. The goal is to have a well behaved dog who loves and respects you.